June Bucket

by Meghan Jackson

Looking back at June, it was a crazy month for me. I wanted to make a blog post called June Bucket List but I don’t really think you can call it a bucket list if you make it after you’ve done everything so I’m just calling it June Bucket instead. Looking back on June, I did a lot & accomplished a few goals of mine.

This month I:

Quit my job
Learned to use a sewing machine
Sewed a dog bed
Tried to get our dog to get in the bed
Got disappointed when dog would not get in aforementioned bed
Started season 2 of Orange is the New Black
Finished Season 2 of Orange is the New Black
Started a new internship with Eidé Magazine
Tried to get family dog in dog bed yet again, still unsuccessful
Sewed a button on a shirt instead
Went to Virginia Highlands Summerfest
Played tennis for the first time in a year
Made Bloody Marys and Blatant Truths a .com, thanks to my IT savvy cousin
Celebrated my best friend turning 23
Helped my other best friend move up 378945 flights of stairs into her new apartment
Held a check for $50,000
Ordered Waffle House take out – sober
Had a pool day, the best kind of day
Swore to never eat pimento cheese again
Made a smores pizza
Friended Josh Murray (from the Bachelorette) on Facebook – we’re classmates after all
Yes, I know that last statement makes me a huge loser – #GoDawgs
Went to an amazing rooftop Wedding
Helped fix a shoe at the wedding with washi tape that just happened to be in my purse
Cuddled with the sweetest toy poodle on earth
Applied for new jobs
Waited to hear back from new jobs
Have still yet to eat pimento cheese again
Actually paid attention to the World Cup


I am truly excited to see what July brings. What’s in your June Bucket?

Here are some pictures from the month.

unnamed[Unused dog bed- not the best picture, but I’m pretty proud of it]

IMG_0550[Smores Pizza]

IMG_0583[I’m a celeb, sorry Mikey]

[Pool Day]
IMG_0598[View from rooftop wedding]

junebucket1[Shoe fixed via Washi Tape]

IMG_0626[Baby Brooklyn, my new best friend]