My ____________ Friend

by Meghan Jackson


Last weekend 2 of my very close friends- John & Adriana- also known as Johndriana, got married (to eachother… for clarification).
It was gorgeous day for a wedding, and since the bride was a friend from college and the groom was a friend from high school (no coincidence there -you’re welcome) almost everyone I know was present at this event.

And aside from starring as   being the flower girl at my aunt and uncle’s wedding when I was 5 (I was terrible…I cried down the aisle), this was my first appearance in the sacrament of marriage. Since the wedding photos are not yet available… all I have to offer currently is a bride-groom selfie. It’s probably more accurate anyway- sorry about your head John.


Here are the things I learned:

1.Tan towels are awesome.
I’m Casper color right now from this lovely winter. I didn’t have time for a spray tan, there weren’t enough days to be by the pool and I don’t like tanning beds (my skin care obsessed mother has scared me away from them). So the night before the wedding- I doused myself with a tan towel, waited for it to dry and went to sleep. I woke up with an even tan and no streaks. I’m very excited to have bought a whole box of these.

2. Your friends are more emotional than you think.
Seeing everyone cry or try not to cry is refreshing. We’re not all so heartless after all.

3. Pay attention at the rehearsal.
None of the bridal party did this (…sorry Adriana). We didn’t know when to sit, stand, clap three times, spin around…. nothing. Groomsmen were attempting sign language help signals from across the aisles. (Note: it was a Catholic wedding so there was more movement then in other weddings. )

4. I am not model material.
While I thought I did well making it down the runway aisle in my 5  inch heels, audience members (my friends, dad and boyfriend) pointed out that I sprinted and looked like I was running from a bee. America’s Next Top Model here I don’t come. Luckily the rest of the church was paying attention to bride and not analyzing the speed and grace of the bridesmaids trucking it down the aisle.

Oh but my hair was model material! This is what the back of it looked like.

5. Having a game plan, or some sketch of a game plan is key.
As a friend group of typical non -planners I was fairly impressed with all of us- bride, groom & guests with the fluidity of the evening. It took a lot of coordination and multiple itineraries between Johndriana, the bridal party and guests  to get cars, clothes and bodies in the right place for various events throughout the day and avoid getting DUI’s.

We made it home for our massive sleepover so I call that success. And according to instagram the Bride & Groom made it to Belize for their 9 am flight so that’s probably the bigger success.

6. The next day is horrible.
It’s a horrible awful no good very bad day following the open bar….until you eat the breakfast casserole that you planned for (see what i did there).

7. You will be jealous when you see the bride and groom’s pictures at the pool bar in Belize while you go back to work on monday.


It was such a fun night and we’re all happy for you Johndriana! Here’s to many years of #HappyHummels
Can’t wait for the next one.