All the Best Things

by Meghan Jackson

Picture 1
It’s getting warmer and the world is getting happier and more fun. Here are my recent favorites.


1. Spring Clothes.
I haven’t seen my legs in months so I get excited and buy new things every year when I bring them back out. Time for dresses, skirts, shoes I can”t walk in and my favorite cotton tshirts.


2.. The SWEETEST gift-
My friend Jennifer got me this from Sugarboo Designs, because she knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling discouraged.

She also gave me a card with this quote on it, which resonates with me right now.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
– Eden Phillpots

This is my first experience with Sugarboo and I am obsessed…. I had to go visit myself after she gave me the art above and I’ll definitely be back. (Also, my obsession my french bulldogs is getting out of control.)



3. Cecily Strong.


I’m a huge SNL fan and I look up to women in comedy (Kristen Wiig = everything). I thought this article about Cecily’s Do’s & Don’ts in Glamour Magazine was awesome. Best part- this quote everyone can relate to: I can’t tell you how much I hate exercise. I hate the act. I hate the culture. I hate the people who talk about loving it.”

4. An Improptu Trip to see Miley Cyrus.


My sister and I decided at the last minute to catch Miley’s Bangerz tour in Atl. She’s crazy, but no doubt she has an awesome voice and her show was wildly entertaining. To all the mothers bringing their kids to see her…. if you haven’t caught on yet, she’s not Hannah Montana anymore and won’t be singing “Best of Both Worlds”…I suggest you plan accordingly.


Always pleasant, but after a 6 hour bottomless mimosa brunch last weekend in Buckhead -I was reminded why this is my favorite meal.


xo -m.