All the Best Things

by Meghan Jackson


After a recent trip to Orlando, it only makes sense that I found this edition All the Best Things there….

1. Disney Starbucks cups. Because what is better than everyone’s guilty pleasure up-charged an extra 4$ at the happiest place on earth.


2. Special Edition Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcakes found in the park.



3. Couture Minnie Mouse Ears.


We both searched long and hard before buying the right pair.

4. The Flower & Garden Festival that was going on. AMAZING ARTWORK, shaped like Disney Characters.

5. Warm weather and being outside instead of working. There aren’t many things that top boiled peanuts, day drinking & pretending to care about sports with my dad and brother. Go Braves.



We go to Spring Training/Orlando once a year. It’s one of my favorite traditions.
However, blatant truth about the promise-land? Shit’s expensive.