My Drunk Friend

by Meghan Jackson

unnamedWell my first adult spring break has started, and by adult spring break I mean 4 days of beer and Braves Spring Training and bar food with my dad and brother in Orlando. Not to mention 2  WHOLE days off work (thank god). If it seems strange to be excited to try and drink as much alcohol as two full grown men and sit through sporting events, I’ll have you know my tomboyish ways do pay off.. I’m forcing them to take me to Epcot tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to drink around the world wearing a Minnie Mouse hat.  SB2x14 certainly didn’t start off perfect. Our 7:50 am flight was missing a member of the spring training crew this year. My teeny tiny little BFF Jennifer was NOT present on our flight despite 24 (I kid you not) phone calls and a novel’s worth of text messages

Which is making her the first of what I call,  my  _____ friend, and since she went out last night she’ll be my drunk friend. Although I was concerned enough about her to call and freak out our friend Paul who lives near by and convince him to go check on her well being..I was easily calmed after my first 2 Bloody Mary’s of the trip around 930am. (Shout out to my Dad’s Platinum status  for letting us use the Delta Crown Room). Anyways, turns out she just slept through the flight… she’ll be here at 3.

Jen also booked her flight home for the wrong day. That is all.