Bloody Marys & Blatant Truths

June Bucket

Looking back at June, it was a crazy month for me. I wanted to make a blog post called June Bucket List but I don’t really think you can call it a bucket list if you make it after you’ve done everything so I’m just calling it June Bucket instead. Looking back on June, I did a lot & accomplished a few goals of mine.

This month I:

Quit my job
Learned to use a sewing machine
Sewed a dog bed
Tried to get our dog to get in the bed
Got disappointed when dog would not get in aforementioned bed
Started season 2 of Orange is the New Black
Finished Season 2 of Orange is the New Black
Started a new internship with Eidé Magazine
Tried to get family dog in dog bed yet again, still unsuccessful
Sewed a button on a shirt instead
Went to Virginia Highlands Summerfest
Played tennis for the first time in a year
Made Bloody Marys and Blatant Truths a .com, thanks to my IT savvy cousin
Celebrated my best friend turning 23
Helped my other best friend move up 378945 flights of stairs into her new apartment
Held a check for $50,000
Ordered Waffle House take out – sober
Had a pool day, the best kind of day
Swore to never eat pimento cheese again
Made a smores pizza
Friended Josh Murray (from the Bachelorette) on Facebook – we’re classmates after all
Yes, I know that last statement makes me a huge loser – #GoDawgs
Went to an amazing rooftop Wedding
Helped fix a shoe at the wedding with washi tape that just happened to be in my purse
Cuddled with the sweetest toy poodle on earth
Applied for new jobs
Waited to hear back from new jobs
Have still yet to eat pimento cheese again
Actually paid attention to the World Cup


I am truly excited to see what July brings. What’s in your June Bucket?

Here are some pictures from the month.

unnamed[Unused dog bed- not the best picture, but I’m pretty proud of it]

IMG_0550[Smores Pizza]

IMG_0583[I’m a celeb, sorry Mikey]

[Pool Day]
IMG_0598[View from rooftop wedding]

junebucket1[Shoe fixed via Washi Tape]

IMG_0626[Baby Brooklyn, my new best friend]

Blatant Truth: The Pursuit of Happiness

Here’s my deep inspirational post for the week.

When you graduate college, it’s one of the most exciting times of your life. You’re a bright 20-something fresh out of school with a fancy, expensive degree and ready to work, full of ideas of what your future is going to look like.

941614_2096667692586_29649513_n(See, I really did graduate).

But  job searching is a salty thing, I’ve found thus far. It can get frustrating reading job post after “entry level” job post requiring 5+ years of experience that you don’t have. One day that person you met one time at a bar in line for the bathroom who told you about their cousin who works with someone who has a friend, is responding to your email and there’s a glimmer of hope and the next day you think about changing your entire career path. It can get discouraging. You can say the whole job search has definitely slapped me in the face a few times.

However, I’ve recently decided to slap it back. I made a somewhat risky and exciting decision for myself and have given my 2 weeks. Yep, I’m leaving my 8-5 job for an unpaid internship.

Though this may seem reckless and irresponsible and not being accepting of the real world, to me it’s the complete opposite. I felt stagnant in the position I was in and went in search of something I’m passionate about. I found an opportunity that I see potential in and chose to leave a job that wasn’t making me happy.

And while I’m lucky enough to have parents who are supportive of my decision (aka still letting me live at home until further notice), even if I didn’t, I’ve thought this through enough so that I could do it on my own. (I have been working full time for the past year and all). I’ve calculated just how long I can survive the day my parents do decide to kick my happy ass out, if I didn’t make another dollar from today. Granted, I will have to stop going to Target and blowing $47.00 on a random weeknight buying washi tape and God knows what else, but I CAN DO IT. I already feel relieved.

Maybe unusual, but I am very happy with my decision. I’ll start working part time somewhere and go back to dedicating effort towards something I care about, not just making money waiting for something to happen. The unknown is scary, but mostly exciting.

I, by no means, have everything figured out (read this blog… I’m a mess). But I am working towards building a career and a life I love and to me that’s what’s important. Someone once told me “It takes a lot of work to be in the right place at the right time.” I could not find that statement more true. So here’s to working towards just that.


Happy weekend friends.




All the Best Things – Vegas Edition



It’s been awhile since my last post because I’ve been busy celebrating graduations, weddings and vacationing in Vegas! There have been lots of happy things. Here they are…

1. Exploring.
Beautiful fantasy-land hotels.
Some wisdom from my dad:


Thanks, Dad. I’ll have him know I came out a whopping $70 on top. Anyways-


From the water show at the bellagio, a giant pyramid, New York, Paris and the actual palace where Cesar lived- Vegas was like a giant, less kid friendly Epcot. Which leads to…

Restaurants ask if you want to-go cups for your drinks, you can stop at bars on the strip and roam from one place to another with the same drink. I’ve never seen anything like it, except maybe Athens, Georgia on gameday.  However, being the sophisticated 23 year old that I am, I couldn’t have cared less about the actual drinks (except for my morning Bloody Marys duh), I was too busy picking out the cups.


I found this one in Paris (there’s a straw hole on the other side). When it turned out to be glass and not plastic I became obsessed with it. I spent most of the flight home making sure it didn’t break and now I have it sitting on my dresser like some sort of trophy.


3. Overeating.
The best and worst sensation.
We got to see lots of famous people’s restaurants- Guy Fieri, Giada de Laurentiis, Cake Boss Buddy, Toby Keith. And we actually dined in the flesh at Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr (BEST JALAPENO POPPERS EVER) at Planet Hollywood.


We also ate at Le Café Ile St. Louis in Paris. I can’t pronounce that, but it was delicious.

4. Visiting the actual desert.

Hey, we may have passed where Hank from Breaking Bad is buried and got nose bleeds from the dry heat, but it was pretty!

Proof -we were in the super nice resort desert.

5. A Vegas Wedding
Well it was technically a Vegas wedding, but… no, they didn’t get hitched in a chapel at the Excalibur. It was a real, planned wedding at a gorgeous Lake Las Vegas resort (see above picture).


I loved these flower-in-water centerpieces.

6. “O”

On the last night we were there, Michael and I broke the bank to see O at the Bellagio. Even though this was my third Cirque du Soleil show- I’ve been in awe every single time. It was so worth it. FYI- this is “water one”. Amazing. The zebra people were my favorite.



Okay I’m done… It was Vegas there were lots of best things.

My ____________ Friend


Last weekend 2 of my very close friends- John & Adriana- also known as Johndriana, got married (to eachother… for clarification).
It was gorgeous day for a wedding, and since the bride was a friend from college and the groom was a friend from high school (no coincidence there -you’re welcome) almost everyone I know was present at this event.

And aside from starring as   being the flower girl at my aunt and uncle’s wedding when I was 5 (I was terrible…I cried down the aisle), this was my first appearance in the sacrament of marriage. Since the wedding photos are not yet available… all I have to offer currently is a bride-groom selfie. It’s probably more accurate anyway- sorry about your head John.


Here are the things I learned:

1.Tan towels are awesome.
I’m Casper color right now from this lovely winter. I didn’t have time for a spray tan, there weren’t enough days to be by the pool and I don’t like tanning beds (my skin care obsessed mother has scared me away from them). So the night before the wedding- I doused myself with a tan towel, waited for it to dry and went to sleep. I woke up with an even tan and no streaks. I’m very excited to have bought a whole box of these.

2. Your friends are more emotional than you think.
Seeing everyone cry or try not to cry is refreshing. We’re not all so heartless after all.

3. Pay attention at the rehearsal.
None of the bridal party did this (…sorry Adriana). We didn’t know when to sit, stand, clap three times, spin around…. nothing. Groomsmen were attempting sign language help signals from across the aisles. (Note: it was a Catholic wedding so there was more movement then in other weddings. )

4. I am not model material.
While I thought I did well making it down the runway aisle in my 5  inch heels, audience members (my friends, dad and boyfriend) pointed out that I sprinted and looked like I was running from a bee. America’s Next Top Model here I don’t come. Luckily the rest of the church was paying attention to bride and not analyzing the speed and grace of the bridesmaids trucking it down the aisle.

Oh but my hair was model material! This is what the back of it looked like.

5. Having a game plan, or some sketch of a game plan is key.
As a friend group of typical non -planners I was fairly impressed with all of us- bride, groom & guests with the fluidity of the evening. It took a lot of coordination and multiple itineraries between Johndriana, the bridal party and guests  to get cars, clothes and bodies in the right place for various events throughout the day and avoid getting DUI’s.

We made it home for our massive sleepover so I call that success. And according to instagram the Bride & Groom made it to Belize for their 9 am flight so that’s probably the bigger success.

6. The next day is horrible.
It’s a horrible awful no good very bad day following the open bar….until you eat the breakfast casserole that you planned for (see what i did there).

7. You will be jealous when you see the bride and groom’s pictures at the pool bar in Belize while you go back to work on monday.


It was such a fun night and we’re all happy for you Johndriana! Here’s to many years of #HappyHummels
Can’t wait for the next one.

All the Best Things

Picture 1
It’s getting warmer and the world is getting happier and more fun. Here are my recent favorites.


1. Spring Clothes.
I haven’t seen my legs in months so I get excited and buy new things every year when I bring them back out. Time for dresses, skirts, shoes I can”t walk in and my favorite cotton tshirts.


2.. The SWEETEST gift-
My friend Jennifer got me this from Sugarboo Designs, because she knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling discouraged.

She also gave me a card with this quote on it, which resonates with me right now.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
– Eden Phillpots

This is my first experience with Sugarboo and I am obsessed…. I had to go visit myself after she gave me the art above and I’ll definitely be back. (Also, my obsession my french bulldogs is getting out of control.)



3. Cecily Strong.


I’m a huge SNL fan and I look up to women in comedy (Kristen Wiig = everything). I thought this article about Cecily’s Do’s & Don’ts in Glamour Magazine was awesome. Best part- this quote everyone can relate to: I can’t tell you how much I hate exercise. I hate the act. I hate the culture. I hate the people who talk about loving it.”

4. An Improptu Trip to see Miley Cyrus.


My sister and I decided at the last minute to catch Miley’s Bangerz tour in Atl. She’s crazy, but no doubt she has an awesome voice and her show was wildly entertaining. To all the mothers bringing their kids to see her…. if you haven’t caught on yet, she’s not Hannah Montana anymore and won’t be singing “Best of Both Worlds”…I suggest you plan accordingly.


Always pleasant, but after a 6 hour bottomless mimosa brunch last weekend in Buckhead -I was reminded why this is my favorite meal.


xo -m.

Cooking for Real People: Fried Rice

I love eating and I like cooking, when it works out in my favor. Too many times have I seen recipes, let my eyes get bigger than my brain and totally botched what could have been a perfectly good dish. I need basic and LITERAL instructions.

I can’t describe how true this is ….

Back to me loving to eat, being non-domestic is just a slight bump in the road. It doesn’t stop me from cooking and after two or three times of screwing everything up- I can usually get it down.

So here is one I mastered. I’ve made it a few times and rewrote the recipe so people who don’t cook in their sleep can understand what it means. And nothing against this recipe or the blog it came from, in fact it’s one of my favorites (Life in the Lofthouse)! This a just a dumbed down version for anyone like me who wasn’t born a natural chef.The real recipe is in the image below and my annotations are in bold below

Picture 3

Fried Rice

3 cups cooked white rice (day old or leftover rice works best!)
First of all, I think every recipe should have a preface entitled: BEFORE YOU BUY EVERYTHING TO MAKE THIS SHIT WITH, HERE IS AN IMPORTANT THING YOU PROBABLY NEED TO KNOW.Example….
– you will need a double broiler
-you need to let part of the recipe freeze for 7 hours before you can continue on to the next step.

Because let’s be honest- no one actually reads that whole thing until it’s time to cook. Everyone knows the ingredients are the important part.

For this particular recipe the only thing I would put in the BEFORE YOU BUY EVERYTHING TO MAKE THIS SHIT WITH, HERE IS AN IMPORTANT THING YOU PROBABLY NEED TO KNOW section is that the recipe says leftover or day old white rice works best.

Let me note that this should not be an optional part of the recipe. If you go straight from cooking the white rice to frying it, the rice gets very stressed and sticks together. It’s just easier and better for everyone if it was already made and had time to rest.

3 Tablespoons sesame oil (or vegetable oil) Pretty basic… I use Sesame Oil and try to be authentic

1 cup frozen peas and carrots (thawed) – Another pre-note, slightly less crucial- thaw your vegetables before cooking them. If you forget this it’s not life or death on account of they will thaw on their own after they go in the skillet, but…. for best results thaw em. 

1 small onion, chopped

2 teaspoons minced garlic – You will need a garlic mincer for this. If you live at home, your parents have one. 

2 eggs, slightly beaten- (I used a fork, not a beater)

3-4 Tablespoons soy sauce Psh 7-9 Tablespoons 

      On medium high heat, heat the oil in a large skillet or wok.  Add the peas/carrots mix, onion and garlic. Stir fry until tender. Lower the heat to medium low and push the mixture off to one side, then pour your eggs on the other side of skillet and stir fry until scrambled. Now add the rice and soy sauce and blend all together well. Stir fry until thoroughly heated!

**You could really play around with this rice too! Try adding some diced ham, or green onion :)Yum!

And that’s pretty much it. However you should know you will smell like fried rice for approximately 3 days shower or no shower. It gets in your skin and nails, so maybe don’t make this the day before your wedding. 3 cups is also a LOT of rice, so make sure people will eat it or maybe donate to the homeless. 

Thanks for reading this edition of Cooking for Real People.



After a recent trip to Orlando, it only makes sense that I found this edition All the Best Things there…. 1. Disney Starbucks cups. Because what is better than everyone’s guilty pleasure up-charged an extra 4$ at the happiest place on earth.   2. Special Edition Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcakes found in the park.   3. […]

My Drunk Friend

unnamedWell my first adult spring break has started, and by adult spring break I mean 4 days of beer and Braves Spring Training and bar food with my dad and brother in Orlando. Not to mention 2  WHOLE days off work (thank god). If it seems strange to be excited to try and drink as much alcohol as two full grown men and sit through sporting events, I’ll have you know my tomboyish ways do pay off.. I’m forcing them to take me to Epcot tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to drink around the world wearing a Minnie Mouse hat.  SB2x14 certainly didn’t start off perfect. Our 7:50 am flight was missing a member of the spring training crew this year. My teeny tiny little BFF Jennifer was NOT present on our flight despite 24 (I kid you not) phone calls and a novel’s worth of text messages

Which is making her the first of what I call,  my  _____ friend, and since she went out last night she’ll be my drunk friend. Although I was concerned enough about her to call and freak out our friend Paul who lives near by and convince him to go check on her well being..I was easily calmed after my first 2 Bloody Mary’s of the trip around 930am. (Shout out to my Dad’s Platinum status  for letting us use the Delta Crown Room). Anyways, turns out she just slept through the flight… she’ll be here at 3.

Jen also booked her flight home for the wrong day. That is all.

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